Content Marketing — One of the most important resources  

Content forms the basis of any marketing ventures. The content you avail to your audience needs to be clearly crafted, specifically for them, no generic stuff. When sourcing your content, you need to go past your demographics; ask yourself the following questions, Are you aware of their needs, wants, interests, concerns, questions, and pains? Does your product/service address the challenges they are facing? Do you have the necessary expertise that may be of use to them? Does the content you share with the audience engage, entertain, or inform them constructively? These questions lead you to one point; you must understand the bottom line -your communication strategies need to incorporate content marketing.

Getting high-quality content may require you to periodically seek the services of experienced copywriters at a fee. Some of the leading content writing agencies include;


At, you will have the opportunity to post your writing order on the platform and choose the level of expertise you need to limit your job handling. The most basic expertise level is called Beginner, followed by General, Skilled and lastly, Expert. As you move up the expertise level, the cost of writing content also keeps moving up, with the guarantee of getting a high-quality content also increasing. One good thing about this platform is that the copywriters on a higher level of expertise (say, Expert Level) can still access jobs meant for lower levels. Once the writer submits the article for review by the client, the client can accept the article upon which, the writer surrenders the ownership rights of the content to the client.

2. Upwork

Upwork is another content writing platform where clients can place orders and allow writers to bid for them. The client then can assign the order to one of the freelance writers who submitted their bids.

3. ArticleBunny

ArticleBunny is another content writing platform where clients can make their orders against their preferred deadline. Writers then place their requests, marketing themselves to the client on why they believe that they deserve to take the order. Speed is one of the key determinants of who gets to create the content.

4. Iwriter

You can still place your writing order at Iwriter platform. The company allows clients to post orders whose content length ranges from 150-1000 words. However, for better content quality, you’ll need to pay higher for the services of an experienced copywriter.

Internet Marketing: The Importance of Direct Response Copywriting

Direct Response Marketing can be considered a very ethical method of selling; it is focused on some specific problems at hand that the campaign seeks to solve through specific solutions and education. It also provides a genuine way for relatively small businesses to create awareness about the subject while still remaining within their budget. Some of the main advantages of using direct response marketing include;

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Internet Marketing: The Newbie Guide

Internet Marketing: The Newbie Guide

Most business establishments require internet marketing to survive the competition. This, therefore, means that every organization, whether a profit-making or a charity organization, need to invest in internet marketing to avoid being rendered irrelevant. As a newbie intending to join the online marketing industry, you may be left guessing on what it takes to become an established online marketer. To get started, you need to know internet marketing’s basics. Some of the must-know basics include;

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